Honorary Chairs

On January 2, 2022, Jess Ling, alongside her husband Matt and their sons, Maverick and Archie, savored the last moments of their holiday. Maverick, the eldest, unexpectedly fell prey to a fever, triggering a sudden and alarming seizure. Swiftly transported to Children’s Hospital, Maverick received a diagnosis of Panayiotopoulos Syndrome, linked to a recent bout of Covid-19.

Post-diagnosis, Jess and Matt collaborated closely with Maverick’s neurologist, embarking on prescribed medication and navigating the emotional challenges that ensued. Despite the stress, the unwavering support from friends and family served as an inspiration to champion epilepsy awareness.

Devoted to combating epilepsy stigma, the family is partnering with the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. Jess and her father, Kelly Hrudey have taken on the roles of Honourary Chairs for the Purple Day by Night Gala. This impactful event aims to fund community-based epilepsy programs, extending vital support to families facing challenges similar to Jess’s. The heartfelt dedication of Jess Ling, Kelly Hrudey, and others underscores their commitment to the cause, emphasizing the urgent need for support and awareness.