Murray Campbell

Alex Hughes

Turner Bates

Dance! Shout!

Musician Murray Campbell

Meet Murray Campbell, the talented blues guitarist gracing the stage at the Purple Day by Night Fundraiser Gala for epilepsy. With over 40 years of strumming his soul into every note, Murray’s mastery of the blues is unmatched. Get ready to be captivated by his talent and support a great cause at the same time. Let’s make a difference together!

Musician Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes, a dynamic and commanding pop-country vocalist, takes the stage with a blend of femininity and fierceness that captivates audiences. Hailing from Calgary, AB, Alex’s signature style combines a penchant for pop beats infused with contemporary country flair. Her latest single, “Until This Fire Dies”, produced by award-winning Dan Swinimer (Jojo Mason and Madeline Merlo), embodies her deep-rooted affection for country music while infusing it with a modern and alluring twist. The track earned Alex the coveted cover spot on Apple Music Canada’s “Canada’s Country” editorial playlist, and she performed the song live on Global Calgary in November 2023.

Alex’s debut single, “Strong As You,” rapidly gained a devoted following, ascending to the tenth spot among the most downloaded indies on Canadian country radio in its first week. The music video for her track “Tee Time” amassed over 78,000 views on YouTube.”On The Line” was placed on Spotify’s Live Country (North Country) editorial playlist “After 31” was added at SiriusXM’s Top Of The Country Radio. She also received a 2022 & 2023 Horizon Female Artist of the Year nomination from Country Music Alberta and a Top 12 placement in the esteemed “Project WILD” competition hosted by WILD 95.3.

Musician Turner Bates

Turner Bates is a newcomer to the local music scene, bringing a mix of country and storytelling folk songs to his audience.

With his deep, smooth tones, Turner is the definition of easy listening! His first original song, Fight the Storm, is inspired byhis own experience with epilepsy.

Musician Dance! Shout!

Dance! Shout! prides itself on providing a unique entertainment experience for each and every event we do. We don’t want to do the same thing every weekend, and you and your guests deserve more than pre-packaged DJ sets, cheesy props, and goofy voices on the microphone. Every event is very different, and we think you deserve entertainment that is as unique as you are. We get to do cool things for cool people because of it. After all, every event we do is a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate, so we believe in making it memorable.

Artist Dean Stanton

Dean Stanton, a native Calgarian, graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 1990, and began a career as an illustrator, painter, graphic designer and astrophysicist. Okay, not the last one, but he has done just about anything you can think of.  Dean works in traditional and digital media, in 2 or 3 dimensions, and has been pleasing the eyeballs of Calgarians and humans abroad for over 35 years. Working with and engaging the public is a specialty and has resulted in some great projects in Calgary and the US.  Unfortunately, Dean’s plans for world domination cannot be stopped. Sorry. Happy collectors can be found across Canada, the US, Germany, Australia, England and Japan. 

Artist Kim Parrent

From Wrestlers to Rock and Roll,  Kim Parrent is a Canadian Artist born in Calgary, Alberta and has lived in Majorca – Spain, Houston – Texas and has a studio in  Calgary, Canada.

Her works have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions across the United States, the UK and across Canada, including graphic work in the National Music Center.  You can see her work locally at The Hitman Bar in Cowboys Casino, NewSkinYYC and The Grey Eagle Events Center.

Kims mediums include oils, Swarovski crystals, photography, found images, mixed media and metallics in her painting.  Her subjects include portraits, social commentary, humor, art history, optical illusion, and abstraction with a pop culture influence.  Capturing historical elements with a Contemporary  Art flair.

Art and music are an integral inspiration for over three decades of her work , with a long obsession with Rock and Roll and the spectacles of Mexican Luchadors and modern pro – wrestling entertainment. Since 2019 she has been painting local wrestlers who have become legendary world wide – especially members of the Hart Family. Paying homage to local promotion, Stampede Wrestling.

Many of her paintings of celebrities have been donated to local charities such as The Owen Hart Foundation, The Foothills Country Hospice, Cj92Kidsfund, Prostaid Calgary and many more.

Kim would like to get her autographed series of wrestling portraits up in the new Convention Center or the new Arena in Calgary. Fort Calgary features some of her work currently. Any involvement in this process is welcome!

Artist Kyla Alty

My paintings take a curious look at nature. Inspired by the natural world and the line in which it offers; whether a horizon line or a mountain range, I like to deconstruct what I see and take a more suggestive and surreal approach to my paintings. Colour is my life line and nature always offers the perfect palette to pull from.

I like to let the painting process happen naturally, I never have exact idea of what I will create. I paint scapes using bright bold colours. My paintings come alive through layers of paint and ink being added and wiped away. The building up and taking away of layers is where the magic happens. Through this the process I can see which direction each painting will take me.

My current work has quickly evolved from brightly coloured landscapes to moody, inky tree scapes. I will continue to explore this world and capture its line.

Artist Keely Sorette

I would describe myself as a “multifaceted intuitive artist” and experimenter. Currently, my mediums are acrylics, alcohol ink, and hand-cut collage using vintage images. I love building layers with paint, paper, found objects and mixed media. 

 I am building a story each time I touch a piece – each layer reveals more for the viewer. The process of creating is my therapy. I surrender to the process and let things happen as I see fit at that exact moment in time.

Creating makes my heart happy. As a child, I always enjoyed creativity but when I discovered painting, my heart was home. I’ve been creating since I could crawl, which eventually took me to ACAD (now Alberta University of the Arts) to explore my possibilities. Then after many years in the hospitality/restaurant industry, marrying the man of my dreams and having three beautiful daughters, my heart called me back to creating and making art. 

I use spontaneous marks. My art is ever evolving with flashy color being the vital part of my focus. My pieces can be chaotic & calming with layers upon layers to create tactile texture. I love building layers with paint, paper and mixed media, then peeling bits off and scraping back to reveal intricately developed texture and organic depth. 

My art draws you in and gives you something you didn’t know you needed. The complexity of the surface gives the viewer so much to process and digest making them want more all while making them wonder what lies beneath. 

I often paint multiple pieces at a time, going back and forth to pieces to add and take away as they dry and evolve. Sometimes not knowing when to stop, I feel this is a strength of mine as some of my best pieces have been from going “too far”. 

The painting process is my therapy I need to silence the doubts in my head, soothe the aches in my heart and calm the worries in my brain.  I surrender to the process and let things happen as I see fit at that exact moment in time. I am inspired by inspired by other artists, my childhood memories, moods, nature and most of all, color. I just want my pieces to leave a little of me on the canvas and to find a forever home, bringing a little joy to your space.


Artist Yanina Eberhard

Born in Argentina,  my inclination towards creativity surfaced at an early age. Crafting became my refuge from darker moments, and the act of transforming materials into tangible objects brought me immense satisfaction. Despite this artistic passion, I felt a need to prove myself to the world, leading me to pursue studies in the sciences, particularly chemistry. The challenge was embraced, and I eventually earned a PhD in Biochemistry, delving into research. Working in the realm of biochemistry provided both an outlet for creativity and a space for experimentation. I found joy in the process of generating ideas and bringing them to life, prioritizing the journey of exploration over the final results and publications. However, living in Canada, with a growing family, and unique challenges, a decision arose – a choice between career and family. Family prevailed, and I have never regretted that choice. Approximately two years after leaving my job, creativity rekindled within me during moments of quiet reflection. The question lingered: What do I truly enjoy? The resounding answer was creating. This constant thread in my life led me to explore various mediums until I discovered the captivating allure of oil paints, an exploration from which I have never looked back.

My artistic vision is drawn to subtle shifts in value and temperature, serendipitous compositions, and a palette of pastel colors. I find inspiration in the atmosphere of tranquil landscapes, offering a sense of fresh air. Residing in Calgary, close to the Rocky Mountains, provides an endless wellspring of inspiration in the form of diverse landscapes. Yet, beyond geography, my quest is to uncover beauty in all surroundings and individuals. Over the years, my artistic techniques have evolved. Believing that a foundation in realistic painting is essential, I initially delved into portrait oil painting. Subsequently, my interest gravitated towards mastering the “Alla Prima” wet-on-wet oil painting technique, which imparts a more expressive tone to my works, emphasizing brushstrokes and color interplay. Currently, I paint on sleek surfaces, employing alternative tools such as Japanese rollers, blades, knives, and squeegees. Experimentation with textures and underpaintings has become a central aspect of my artistic exploration. In this visual language, I find a more resonant means of expression, surpassing the limitations I have often faced with words. As my journey continues, I am excited about the future discoveries that my art will unfold.

Artist Leslie Starr

Leslie, a Canadian artist, revels in the beauty of the natural world through vibrant, closely cropped paintings. Her love for animals permeates each piece of art, offering a celebration of their unique personalities. By emphasizing details in their physical features and expressions, Leslie aims to forge an emotional connection between viewers and the animal kingdom. Focused on the captivating landscape of an animal’s face, she invites viewers to delve into their world and experience it through the creature’s eyes. Through her art, Leslie passionately advocates for the protection, preservation, and love of the precious natural world that surrounds us.

Artist Artrophy

Neil and Tracy – Turning Disability into Possibility

ARTrophy is a play on words. Google the term and a prompt showing results for atrophy appears. The word atrophy is a term used primarily in medicine and refers to a wasting away. Give the word a slight tweak and the definition flips.


I was born with an inherited optic nerve disorder known as Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy. The condition causes vision loss and colour vision defects. At first I had no idea I had vision issues. I was a kid who assumed what I saw was what everyone else saw. Only after years did I realize this wasn’t the case.

But this is not all about me, the art you see here reflects interpretations of a shared reality between Tracy and me. Shaped not only through an eye condition but also by a life of collective experiences. Our creations start with photographs, move to edits and when the time feels right the paint hits the canvas.


Tracy is my wife, my eyes and my driver. You can see her influence in all these creations. Once I have crafted an idea or concept, she adds her unique touches. The final product is a collaboration of two halves creating a whole.

Artist Alison Philpotts

As an artist, I specialize in creating large scale landscape paintings using acrylic paint. My main source of inspiration comes from the stunning prairie and mountain scenery of southern Alberta and British Columbia. Working with paint feels like a natural mode of expression for me, and I credit my father for introducing me to acrylic painting techniques, including colour mixing, composition and flow.

In my early years, I started by emulating the greats of Canadian landscape painting, such as Tom Thompson and A.Y. Jackson, as well as European Impressionists like Van Gough, Cezanne and Monet. Over time, I have developed my own unique style and approach to landscape painting.

My paintings priortiize strong colours to evoke a particular feeling or mood, rather than a strictly representational image of a place. Whether its the way the sunlight filters through the leaves, the interplay of shadows in a forest, or the vast expanse of sky and mountains, I strive to create a personal connection between the viewer and the natural landscapes I paint.

My ultimate aim is to transport the viewer into the natural world through the canvas. For me, a painting truly succeeds when it captures the majesty and tranquility of nature and enables the viewer to connect with their own memories of similar places.